Tower alley series    

Recently, I has been studying ancient Chinese architecture.  I designed an imaginary level with the Chinese architecture which I researched for my personal game. And the following picture is the whole concept design of the level.

This entire scene is constituted by an alley and a monastery, and it includes nine different small areas.

This is place where is start point of the level.

The gate of Monastery

This is a Chinese hotel

And this is a tunnel which is under the backyard of the monastery

The inside of monastery

I was always in dilemma for the designing of the primary tower, because there are too many similar  towers nowadays, and it is too difficult to overturn the original pattern of the tower in human mind. I saw plenty various towers. For example, there are the hollow towers and the solid towers in china. And the shape of tower can be from 4 edges to 8 edges. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is circular tower in Italy, the pyramid in Egypt, and the pure golden dagoba in India. On the other hand, I have also seen  the case which is the combination of  tower and plants, even the designing idea which is with the combination of ancient large organism for tower. But I didn’t want to follow these ideas, and I think whether there is any breakthrough that I can make by a new designing idea. When I saw the tower-inside-tower which was named Feiying tower and was came from Zhejiang province in China from internet, I was suddenly attracted to it. This form of tower was really  cool. On the other hand, I intended to add the form of China-adobe which was architecture of house-inside-house for the shape of the tower, but I didn’t intend to surround whole tower by outside-tower so it just surrounds half of the inner tower. Because I wanted to show more inside structure of inside-tower for the audiances, and I think half-surround was reflect out the concept of tower-inside-tower more.
In order to enhance large and scene of space for towers, I tried to use the 25mm camera in 3Ds max, and then I added a lot of fogs at foreground of the picture in Photoshop, I even tried to add a swordsman in front of the picture, because I wanted to make the audiences know there is a long distance between the foreground to the gate of tower. Moreover I depicted a fire on the middle floor of the tower; one hand, this fire will increase more content of view in this picture, and on the other hand, I didn’t want the whole picture looked so dark.

The final battle is in the top of the tower in the entire scene which I shown at the beginning..