George is a photographer and amateurish explorer works for the magazine of National Geography. In a special column for the magazine, he was designated to Anhui China for an investigation of an ancient village in 1860.

Monument Gate

Here is a gate of monument consists of four large bells. These bells would make a sound, when the wind passing, just like ghost crying.


The village was formed in the time of Qing dynasty China.
This is a kind of architecture called “Ma Tau wall”, because the wall is horse head-like (the part of roof is rose as a corner). High white wall is a symbol of self-protection, for the policy decaying and the officers of government wanted to kill each other. Some of them fled to here, so the whole village was built like a labyrinth fortress.

George and his assistant Tom had no sooner arrive the village then they found the guider Mr.Hu. He is only one teacher who understands English in the village. And then they begin walking around the village and talking about the details for it.

Ancestral temple (outside).
Here is a forefather’s temple which is used for worship. The ancient paintings of forefathers are painted both sides.

Ancestral temple (inside).
There are seven statues are put here, they are as the leader, pioneer and hero. The ceiling of courtyard is opened a square windows. Not only is it for the illumination and air, but is also for convey a kind of feeling which spirit is able to connect with heaven. Plus the pool under ceiling, it also means washing soul before they go to heaven.

The home of Mr. Hu’s.
The streets are all narrow in front of door, just like the pass of labyrinth. The eave is not only the decoration for the door, but is a kind of the shelter for the rain as well. The small statue beside door is an idol of guard.

Compared the high blank wall outside, the architecture of inside is quite different. They are plenty, personable and emotional. The feature and quality is performed fully by master. General, house is divided into two storey. First storey is as the living room, and the bedroom is usually at upstairs.
Otherwise, as a magnificent spectacle of rain. When rainwater flows and gathers together along the roof drop to the pool. It is also a kind of symbol of providing from God.

Instruction of house

Bedroom is very important for traditional ancient Chinese, so that all the furniture is exquisite in decoration. Even is the ‘toilet’. You can see the chair with a hole in the foreground, left of the picture. That is a ‘toilet’

Kitchen (mill)
Although the main source of food is fish in local, some of them prefer to plant the rice. One of the most machine-like object in the picture is a manpower-burr mill. Otherwise, you can see the stair-like object in the distance of picture is an ancient kitchen range which is used to cook fish or make steam bread.

The sacrifice
In the time of Qing dynasty, the government in order to destroy the rest rebellion, they sent the lager army to here. Although villagers hard fight with all their power, they were finally defeated. At the vital time, the spirit of God appeared. He threw the fireball down to enemy and ceased the war. Since then, the annually sacrifice festival is taken place for commemorate. The ghost of forefathers are said to return to their homes. The specially-made lanterns are hung outside each house to help the dead to find their way. All night long, people dance and sing for welcome them.

For the activity of sacrifice in the night, George and Tom were separated. And then George was told that Tom was caught by ‘evil spirit’, because he touched the stuff of sacrifice. George decided to rescue him.

Following day, after leaving Mr. Hu, George went to an uncharted place by himself. Along the ruined path of river, he came to a colossal and mysterious cave.

Judgement Temple
The temple consists of Water Labyrinth System leading to the other region which was mentioned the battlefield at previous passage. The five statues as the judger have been protecting here for a long time. They are the symbols of 5 original elements from the traditional Chinese refer to ‘metal’, ‘wood’, ‘water,’ ‘fire’ and ‘earth’.

Instruction of temple


When George passes through the temple, the fog began to appear gradually. The ruins of village were able to see in the distance. The remains of armour and weapons were scattered here and there.

Ghost Plain

Here will be going to cause an encounter.
The ghosts who were remained from the war gathered in here. Because of the war, their souls were not rose up to heaven, but wandering around here as an evil spirit to drain soul of whom passing here. Crying and shouting full of the whole scene.

After passing this region, the fog gradually disappeared. There were no way could be gone around, only a marsh field in sight.

Chaos marsh

A place where had been controlled by evil power. It was an uncharted region.

A shouting of Tom’s was heard from distance. No sooner had George taken action than a huge monster suddenly rushed out from the lake of marsh. The body of monster was wrapped by the remains and dead. Tom was also in it. George looked pale and dazed, he just constantly prayed…